The Bucket List

Decided to update the old bucket list.  If you haven’t done so before, I hope this inspires you to make one!

Live in New Zealand. Or Australia. Or both. (Completed 2013-2015)
Get a pilot’s license.
Pilot an aircraft. (Completed June 23, 2009)
Meet Bear Grylls. (Completed May 3, 2012)
Ride a bike across the United States from the west coast to the east coast.
Become fluent in French and  Spanish.
Sponsor a child in need.
Survive on a deserted island for a week.
Hike the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu. (Completed July 2, 2010)
Straddle the equator. (Completed June 24, 2010)
Return to Oahu and revisit my childhood memories. (Completed September 2013)
Backpack in Kauai.
Climb Mount Doom (Ngauruhoe) (Completed March 14, 2014)
Other mountains to climb: Mt. Rainier and Kilimanjaro
Visit Nepal and trek to Everest Base Camp. (Completed December 2015)
Go storm chasing in Tornado Alley.
Go skydiving.
Go on an epic adventure into “Middle Earth”. (Completed 2013-2014)
Volunteer in Africa.
Visit Balto in Central Park. Completed August 8, 2009
Find the Southern Cross. Completed July 11, 2009
Go on a safari in Kenya/Tanzania.
Watch the sunrise from the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan.
Drive across the country.
Swim with dolphins, manatees, whales, or sea turtles. (Completed October 2, 2014)
Swim with whale sharks. (Completed April 19, 2015)
Backpack through Costa Rica and meet my family who lives there.
Backpack through Europe (while visiting my friend Alena in Germany). 🙂 (Completed Summer 2014)
Go cliff jumping. (Completed August 14, 2010)
Make an igloo.
Visit every U.S. state.
Ride the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster. (Completed July 11, 2010)
Drive through the “Chunnel” (the tunnel that links France and England). (Completed January 5, 2016)
Snorkel/scuba dive over the Great Barrier Reef. (Completed October 2, 2014)
Try out kite surfing.
Fly in a hot air balloon.
Go to Disney World. Completed March 21, 2009
Learn how to snowboard. Completed December 29, 2012
Go black water rafting through the glow worm caves in New Zealand. (Completed September 25, 2013)
Take an amazing photo that is amazing enough to be in an art gallery or magazine.
Publish a book with a collection of photos from my travels across the world.
New Years in Paris. (Completed January 1, 2016)
Apply for “The Amazing Race”.
Watch the sunset at Uluru in the Outback. (Completed October 15, 2013)
See a green flash at sunset. (Completed January 1, 2014)
Hike through the Canadian Rockies in Alberta.
Watch a space shuttle launch.
Complete a triathlon.
Face my fears and swim with sharks.
Eat a genuine Thai meal in Thailand. (Completed November 2015)
Visit the Seychelles and it’s famous beaches.
Drive in a country where they drive on the left side of the road in a vehicle that has right-hand steering. (Completed September 24, 2013 – New Zealand)
Visit all seven continents.
Get to the nearest airport. Buy a ticket for the next available flight to anywhere. Go.
Watch the Olympics in person.
Be a spectator at the Tour de France. (Completed July 27, 2014)


7 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. I know what you should ask. You really should visit Turkey and travel through the churches in revelation. Istanbul and Ephesus are a must see for travelers like you =]

    • I don’t know why I wrote, “I know what you should ask”. I meant to write, “I know where you should GO”! =]

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