Merry Christmas From Down Under!


Merry Christmas from Australia everyone!

It’s a strange feeling hearing “Winter Wonderland” being played over the loudspeaker at the grocery store when it’s 85°F (29°C for my non-American friends). This would be my second summertime Christmas and I still haven’t really adjusted to it. Even though I’ve seen the Christmas goods on display at the stores since September, it just doesn’t feel the same not celebrating next to a cozy fire on a cold and rainy day. That and spending Christmas Day at work two years in a row isn’t the most festive thing either, so next year I will definitely be home for the holidays.

Since I’ve been trying to catch up with my trip to Europe, I really haven’t done a lot of updates on anything current. So here you go! At the moment I’m living and working in Dunsborough, a little beach town in the Margaret River region of southwestern Australia and it’s quite nice! I’ve been working at a big resort nearby for the past two months. Things are fairly isolated out here compared to the east coast so not a lot of travelers make it out this way, which is a shame (or maybe a blessing?) because it really is beautiful. Not too crowded, nice summertime weather compared to the rest of the country, and the beaches here are stunning–way better than anything I ever saw in eastern Australia. The only negative would be the flies, which are now out in full swing that summer is here. I thought New Zealand’s sandflies were the worst, but they’re nothing compared to Australia’s bush flies. They don’t bite fortunately, but whenever you go outside they suddenly appear in swarms and crawl all over your face, up your nose, and in your eyes and ears. Swatting them away doesn’t do a whole lot since they come right back. It’s a part of life throughout most of Australia it seems that you just try and get used to (though I don’t think anyone really does).

My new friends I live and work with are a great bunch of people. It’s very international group which keeps things interesting 🙂 Overall, I’m happy staying a while in this part of Australia and looking forward to spending another summer in the southern hemisphere!


One thought on “Merry Christmas From Down Under!

  1. Merry Christmas to you, too Stephen! Happy Boxing Day plus one as well. It is Boxing Day here now and one day in the past for you. Thanks for another fine, descriptive update. That is unfortunate that the Christmas “season” starts in September there in Australia also. On that theme, have you ever read, or heard of a story by Robert Heinlein titled “Happy Birthday, Jesus”?

    You mentioned last Christmas and this you had to work. On television yesterday they had a story about how one person went around to lots of places such as eating places where people had to work, and gave them a treat in the form of thanks and $20.

    Our Christmas was quiet, with just the 3 of us.

    Take care,


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