Aloha From Hawaii!

Hello family and friends (and any readers who happen to stumble on this blog)!

I’ve been in the Aloha State now for 3 days and today will be my last day here before I hop on my flight to New Zealand late tonight. This is actually my first time back in Hawaii since I lived here 20 years ago and even though I was just a little kid when we moved I still remember quite a bit living here. I’m staying at my cousin’s place in central Oahu and we’ve been going around the island here and there for the past few days checking out the sites. I also managed to make it down to our old neighborhood in Ewa Beach and found the old house I used to live in!

I could go on on all the cool things there are to see on Oahu, but I’ll keep it short and just share some of the photos I’ve taken so far. Highlights include: hiking Diamond Head, eating shave ice from Matsumoto’s (the BEST shave ice in Hawaii in my opinion), snorkeling in Waikiki, and cliff jumping at Waimea Bay. I think today we’ll be heading off to Kailua and then go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay before I head off to the airport for New Zealand!

Miss you all and enjoy the photos!

Diamond Head Summit Waikiki Waikiki! Monk Seal Surfer on the Jetty The Punchbowl Ewa Beach Ewa Beach Fisherman Ewa Beach Palms Rainbow Eucalyptus Sign to Everywhere Kamehameha Highway Matsumoto's Surfboards Waimea Bay Cliff Jumping Waimea Bay Turtles Hawaiian Sunset h3mountains2



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