Zion >> Bryce Canyon >> Home

After a restful night’s sleep in Zion, we packed up the Jeep and started the long drive back to Ogden…making a few detours along the way of course. Bryce Canyon was only two hours away, so it we made it kind of mandatory to make a stop at one of Utah’s most famous landmarks.

We only had an hour at Bryce. Not enough time to do any hiking, so we just drove to various viewpoints around the rim. Still quite a sight!

After we had had enough of the nice views, we hit the road and headed back to civilization. We stopped in Provo and had a little reunion with our friend Josh, who we went to high school with, and his friend in at In-N-Out Burger…my first time! It was really good, but I didn’t think it was the best thing ever like many people tend to rave about. To me, it tasted like any other good burger chains I’ve been to…maybe it was because it was at a Utah location and not in California where it’s famous? Oh well. I’d still go there again though.

That concludes my Utah travels! Thanks for reading!


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