Welcome! Bienvenido! Willkommen! 歓迎!

Hello all!

I guess it’s about time I got one of these. For a while now, I’ve been meaning to set up a blog to share my adventures with you all–so hear ’tis! For the most part, this website will serve as a travel blog documenting my experiences abroad, complete with visual aids (photos and videos if I can figure out how to upload them onto here). However, with time, I might consider posting more regularly the day-by-day events that go on in my life when I’m not wandering the globe. I hope you all enjoy. Cheers! 🙂


Here’s a peek of the man behind the lens. Stay tuned to see more pics from my travels!


2 thoughts on “Welcome! Bienvenido! Willkommen! 歓迎!

  1. awww…look at you. I love that pic btw, so creative. Though somewhere on here you should get to a pic of the rest of you so we ladies can see your handsome face. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll too! Annnd! number 68 on your bucket list is on mine too (some others kind of are too, but esp. this one.) We should consider doing this one together. 🙂

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